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Jordan spends her time SWOOPSing away in the kitchen and crushing a bicoastal lifestyle with her French bulldog, Hula, by her side. When she's not paving the way as the vanguard for the modern female sports fan through her Girls Guide to Sports brand, she's probably smuggling a favorite wine into a favorite band's concert.

CONTRIBUTORS (AKA - The rest of the Zuckers)

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Betti rocks her NY accent and Gudrun Sjoden wardrobe night and day. Her kitchen skills and mother skills are on a pedestal of glory. This book was her idea, as was the SWOOPS acronym. She's the original epic Zucker party thrower.

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Jim's wine knowledge is as good as his French. He and Hula talk behind Jordan's back all the time. Jim's not on social media because he's too busy with the NYT crossword puzzles, golfing, and answering his AOL emails. He's the original Zucker raconteur.



Hula and Jordan ran into a few creative roadblocks because Hula chose Mungo Jerry's "In the Summertime" for every summer pairing. It never gets old for her. And yes, she takes "twosies" - a term adopted from Jordan's stint on Scrubs.

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